Christian Vetter


Christian Vetter has completed a variety of national and international assignments in the areas of economic and fiscal impact studies, commercial and residential real estate market analysis, downtown revitalization, brownfield redevelopment, resort and waterpark development, recreation and tourism strategies, developer/partner solicitation, public private partnerships. To perform these studies, he has utilized and analyzed data from myriad data sources and socio-economic and demographic indices.

With more than ten years of experience providing advanced consulting team leadership to drive innovative projects and strategies, Christian is able to generate superior results for his clients and positively impact corporate performance through the skillful execution and management of project initiatives. His extensive experience in the US and abroad includes:

Economic & Fiscal Impact – Evaluating economic and fiscal benefits, providing clients with justifiable impact data measuring the effect of a business, organization, industry, or event on the local, regional, or state economy and provide critical information for business firms, trade associations, governments, planners, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, service organizations, policy-makers, and public interest groups.

Brownfield Redevelopments – Conducting market analysis and identifying financial performances of proposed development elements and the overall economic and fiscal impacts of brownfield redevelopments

Mixed-Use Developments - Evaluating demand and supply and trends in residential, office and retail markets to identify target markets, competitiveness of proposed project sites, and estimating construction cost, absorption rates, and financial performance.

Resort, Theme & Waterpark - Providing market analysis, including demographics and behavioral patterns; defining geographic trade areas; developing activity participation and market penetration; identifying competitive subject related attractions; and estimating market captured, construction cost, and financial performance.

Project Management & Public Private Partnerships - Assisting in bond hearings; contacting, soliciting, and selecting private developers, investors and managers; and assisting in negotiations to establish successful long-term agreements between public clients and partners from the private sector. Tasks also included preparing RFP books, identifying RFP recipients, distributing RFPs, assisting submitters, evaluating developer submittals, attending meetings and interviews with the finalists, and assisting in choosing the final joint venture partner.

Economic Revitalization – Defining implementable strategies to help offset economic losses through future redevelopment, in which the reuse activities are sensible for the community. Work is done by analyzing the site, local economy, infrastructure and demographics, ongoing economic programs and surrounding uses, which results in an array of implementation strategies and recommendations.

Gaming – Analyzing available information regarding proposed projects, including field analysis and research and related experience with gaming facilities and programs to provide an objective assessment of the proposed project’s market, economic and social implications, including impacts of the project’s development and operating programs, estimated financial performance, local and state government taxes, fees, and payments that could result from the direct and indirect impacts of gaming developments and operations

Christian holds a Master Degree in Economic Geography from the University Augsburg in Germany.